Monday, November 8, 2010


In life, perspective is d key towards the path of success. when v go to an opthomologist for an eye checkup,he asks us to sit on a chair which is attached with a setup on which we place our chin.dat setup has an area thru which v can see a white board with sme letters written in a row,diminishing in progression check our vision's strength/weakness,he changes a couple of lenses..n after smetime we reach a position where we are able to see evrythin cleary,which was initially lookin blur n hazy. Drawing parallels frm the above case..lenses are like perspectives towards our aim/goal..d letters on d white board are like data/resourses/clues in life which is provided by d universe for our achievement of goals..when we change lenses,d same data which was initially looking hazy,suddenly becomes clear and we are able to read them in a particular pattern which has definite meaning and a possible answers to our goals in life..our each goal in life is associated with certain workable perspectives..our job is to find thm n d best suitable one which will magnify the chances of success...those perspectives when looked thru with specified aims, allows us to see the same data in definite understandable and workable patterns and hence converts them into information..nw when we have an eye to see them, its easier to work upon n with it..To summarize, we as humans, should start defining our short term n long term goals..these goals can be self improvising in quality, quantity n complexity..but define them as early as possible in life..nw start looking towards ur surroundings,happenings let it b frnds,job,colleagues or anythin for an xact or an approximate match which will alllow u to fullill n realize  either a part or full of ur goal..slowly this process will become a habbit n it will b so much in ur subconscious dat without u knwing it will become ur second nature..n things in life willl start fallin in place.. Connecting the unconnected..n resulting in an quantifiable outcome is one of the mantras towards success.